Brewer Chat: The Art of Beer with Arcade Brewery

Brewer Chat: The Art of Beer with Arcade Brewery


Most people think they know art when they see it. Whether it be walking the countless galleries of the Art Institute or passing one of the many architectural gems scattered across the city, there's no shortage of 'art' in our city. But what about other forms of art that don't immediately spring to mind? The comic book, for instance, has seen a renaissance of sorts in the last decade with the revival of some of the format's most storied characters on the silver screen. And what about video games? Years of work poured into a totally immersive world, with gameplay that blurs the line between fantasy and reality...

And then there's our beloved beer. When you really boil it down, craft beer is an art form. Each drop getting lapped up by the adoring hoards of beer nerds is the result of months of testing, sampling, and retesting until the brewer is satisfied with their creation. Two IPA's sitting side by side on your local store shelf can be as different and unique as the minds behind them.

Chris Tourre and Lance Curran (above, left and right respectively) of Arcade Brewery know their art. But you won't see them around town with a paint brush in hand anytime soon. Instead, they're combining their passion for comic books and video games with their love of beer to create something truly unique. The beneficiaries of a successful Kickstarter campaign, Chris and Lance plan to launch Arcade Brewery into a market already flooded with fantastic beer options. So what makes them unique? And why should you care, you ask? I recently joined up with the pair for a few beers at Fountainhead to discuss exactly that.