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A Chat with Thomas Jones of Proletariat NYC

A Chat with Thomas Jones of Proletariat NYC


Recent travels have sent me to opposite ends of the country with brief stops in Seattle and Boston and most recently New York City. On my way there, fellow Hop Reviewer Jack sent me a Time Out article featuring NYC's ten best craft beer spots for 2013. Naturally, I made sure to check out at least one of these and settled on Proletariat in the East Village.

From the street, Proletariat is about as unassuming as they come. In fact, it took a friend and I a minute to figure out where it was despite standing directly in front. Venture down the steps to the front door, however, and they'll be no doubt Proletariat is deserving of the praise it's been getting. With no more than 20 seats or so, the bar can get packed (and usually is) every day of the week. Those lucky enough to squeeze into a bar stool are offered up a variety of "rare, new, and unusual beer" from across the globe. Walls plastered with flash art, music that's just the right volume and a friendly vibe make this a must visit for any craft beer fan in Manhattan.

Between samples of spectacular regional beers I'd never hard of, I had the opportunity to chat with Thomas Jones; Proletariat's resident barkeep/CFO/marketing guru. Despite being charged with holding down a packed bar by himself, Thomas somehow managed to keep it all together and even had time to answer a few of my questions. Having only scratched the surface, he offered to follow up with a few more answers to my prying questions.