Looking back at the 2014 Spring Chicago Beer Festival

Looking back at the 2014 Spring Chicago Beer Festival


The Chicago Beer Festival at Union Station has become something of a tradition here at The Hop Review. It's one of the first events we attended together back in it's 2012 and many of the connections we made back then have spawned the interviews you now see throughout our site.

The event itself is much the same as it's always been which is, for the most part, a good thing. The cavernous Union Station Great Hall provides a beautiful and spacious setting for the hoards of people who descend on the 65+ breweries in attendance. The event organizers have still yet to address some of our biggest gripes, namely the difficulty in locating a brewery (very little signage and no mobile app) and a truly terrible website that is entirely unhelpful.

Despite those complaints, it's a great time and a perfect excuse to schmooze with some of the country's best brewers while sampling beers you've never laid your hands on.