Beer & Branding: Marz Community Brewing


Beer & Branding: Marz Community Brewing

Originally published 2/10/15, Updated 11/22/16

Marz Community Brewing is named such, well because they're a small community of makers founded by Ed and Mike Marszewksi. You might be familiar with their other projects already (Maria's Community BarMash Tun Journal and art/culture's Lumpen Magazine). The point is, they're a productive pairing. So it's no surprise, really, that a brewery was added to the list. And, this has quickly proven to be a good thing. Add in there some homebrewers from the likes of Chaos & HOPS, an acclaimed designer and a handful of other supporters – and you've got that community that we mentioned above.

And with beers like their Umami Stout (brewed with mushrooms and aged in soy sauce barrels) and Lost Lake Exotica Ale (a collab with Paul Magee's new tiki lounge) they are definitely exhibiting plenty of brewing creativity. Furthering that creativity, and the visuals of the brand, is partner at New York design firm Franklyn, Michael Freimuth. And if you were wondering about the reasoning behind Marz's "weird" or ad-hoc graphics, wonder no more. Freimuth explains how/why the Bridgeport brewer is approaching the craft scene as they are...and it's damn on point:

"Marz—both as a brewery and a brand—is a collaborative endeavor made up of a community of artists, home brewers, beer nerds, and probably your cousin, all united by our desire to make exceptional (and provocative) brew. Each beer is incredibly different, each collaboration unique and bizarre. Since our brand identity needs to accommodate so much weirdness, it's always changing: Imagine if the Coke logo dropped out of school, traveled around, snorted things, experimented, then got its shit together and slapped itself on a beer. We're a challenger who's still rough around the edges. We're not boring. We're not expected. We aren't particularly safe. But of the bajillion (seriously, count them) craft breweries we see out there, no one is taking big risks with their beer or their brands. We're doing that with Marz, and we're excited to share that."

Needless to say, we were excited to dig deeper into their brand...

We’re a challenger who’s still rough around the edges. We’re not boring. We’re not expected. We aren’t particularly safe.
— Michael Freimuth


Photography & graphics from and Michael Freimuth at Franklyn.