The Hop Review is a beer journal.

Following years of drinking brews from blue cans & several mediocre attempts at homebrewing, we thought we'd explore other ways to exercise our interest in beer. After moving to Chicago, college pals Jack & Tom began falling further into the craft scene, and set out in an effort to better document it, by way of folks who know it best. Thus was born, The Hop Review. Now, we're a small team who've been fortunate to sit down with some of the area's best brewers, shop owners, distributors and brand managers around Chicago, the Midwest and beyond.


Jack Muldowney

Designer by trade, Jack has an eye for the carefully-branded and prefers beers of the 'pale' variety. Chicago has changed his perception as to what makes a great brew, and craft beer community. When he's not with pencil in hand, he can be found biking the city or enjoying a pint.

Cicerone® Certified Beer Server
Drinking: Saisons & Lagers
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Tom White

Originally from the UK, Tom is familiar with what life is like around a good watering hole. He is never against the idea of pairing a brewery stop on the way to or from any travels. After leaving his desk job, Tom became a Certified Cicerone® and now works in the beer industry.

Certified Cicerone®
In-hand: Half Acre Daisy Cutter
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Nick Costa

A true Michigander, Nick has a great love for the outdoors, Detroit sports and of course, great beer. His love for beer goes far deeper than just drinking it, Nick also enjoys reading about the history, homebrewing and discovering the local brewpubs in every town he comes upon.

Cicerone® Certified Beer Server
Enjoying: Jolly Pumpkin brews
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ACTIVE contributors:

John Doessel, Hilary Higgins, Michael Hubatch, Paul King, Alaina Kornfeld, Ben Macri & Meng Yang